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We are taking our debut piece to the Brighton Fringe!


We have written a fresh and poignant show called 'Figures' - it's a narrative led dance piece that explores censorship and what would happen if books were banned for women. There are three couples and a magical feminist bookshop, they have one night to absorb everything they will ever need to know before the books are burned and the record of female history is eradicated.  As the couples journey through this 'sit in' they are inspired by historical female figures and the lessons they learn bleed into their own relationships. 

The message of 'Figures' is important and current - North Dakota are currently weighing a ban on 'sexually explicit' books that contain LGBTQIA+ content and it proposes up to 30 days in prison for librarians who refuse to remove banned titles.  We created this work to highlight the joy of womxn and couples of all sexual orientations and the importance of education for womxn. 

We are grateful for any support that you are able to provide with getting our project off the ground and into the public eye. Click below to support us.

review of FIGURES

a beautiful blend and synthesis of naturalistic story telling into pedestrian choreo, into stunning physical expression.

Phil Croft, Director

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